What is it?

  • Mid-semester evaluation is a type of student evaluation in which feedback on a specific course is received from students in the middle of the semester.
  • It provides the faculty with an opportunity to improve their teaching practices and activities in their courses in the middle of the semester.
  • It is a way of increasing teaching effectiveness besides students' learning and academic success.

Who can apply?

The new faculty who has started to work at METU

When to apply?

Upon the announcement e-mail of ÖGEM in the middle of the semester

Application of Mid-Semester Evaluation

  • This application is conducted by ÖGEM upon the request of the faculty.
  • The faculty send an email to ogem@metu.edu.tr and ask for the application to be conducted in their specified lesson, and choose one of the methods of evaluation.
  • Evaluation is done by ÖGEM experts and the results are shared only with the faculty through a written report.
  • After sharing the evaluation report, the faculty may request a consultation from ÖGEM to get support for the concerns to be improved.
  • As a result of the evaluation, the faculty is expected to fill in the "Evaluation of the Mid-Semester Evaluation Form" and send it to ÖGEM via e-mail.

Two evaluation methods to be used:

  1. Student Feedback Forms/Surveys
  2. Small-Group Discussion


  • Since evaluation is an important dimension of any course and might affect the views of students on your course, it would be more suitable to apply mid-semester evaluation after the first midterm or any other evaluation method.
  • You should inform your students about what mid-semester evaluation is, why and how it is conducted, and why it is important.
  • To make student feedback more reliable and sincere, you should also tell your students that their identities will not be revealed in the evaluation and the evaluation will only be used to improve the course and instruction.
  • You can use mid-semester evaluation forms and apply them in your classroom as long as you contact ODTÜ ÖGEM beforehand. Yet, please consider that students might not feel comfortable sharing their opinions with you. Keep in mind that the evaluation of an outsider especially for group discussions would be more appropriate.
  • After getting the evaluation results, it is important that you review student feedback on your course; share and discuss those results with students, and make essential and possible improvements in your course and instruction. In this way, the mid-semester evaluation serves the purpose and you can increase students' motivation for the next evaluation.