• An educational specialist from ÖGEM visits your classroom in the scheduled time and date.
  • After you leave the class, the specialist informs the students about the mid-semester evaluation and gives information about the application.
  • If the class is composed of few number of students, then the discussion is done as a whole class. When the class is crowded, the ÖGEM specialist chooses a few students to conduct the discussion and asks the other students to leave the classroom.
  • Students are expected to read all questions in the Small Group Discussion Form and they are given a certain time to think about their responses.
  • Students discuss their own answers on each of the questions.
  • The student responses are noted down by the specialist and she/he shares the feedback with the faculty after the course.
  • The application lasts approximately 20-25 minutes.

Small-group Discussion Form

    • This form is composed of only open-ended questions.
    • The faculty may add or remove items. The student responses are analyzed through content analysis.    
      • More detailed feedback can be obtained from students.
      • Students can share their opinions and suggestions more sincerely and comfortably as they are given the opportunity to express themselves.
      • When it is done with a few students randomly selected from the whole group, then it may not reflect the common view of all students.

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