The aim of the Effective Teaching Seminar held at our university since 1999 is to enable the newly appointed academic teaching staff to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become an effective educator at the university through a comprehensive theoretical and practical training. Effective Teaching Seminars are open to all new faculty members regardless of their departments.

The content and length of the seminars have changed in time. Until now, there have been totally 23 effective teaching seminars. Between 2006-2008, the seminar was offered with the title of "Effective Teaching, Research and Development, and Community Service." Since 2009, the Effective Teaching Seminars have been organized by the Office of Student Learning and Development, which has continued to provide services as Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning since 2015.

What is it?

These are a series of seminars in which experienced faculty share their knowledge and experiences on college teaching with the new faculty.

Seminar Titles:

  • Effective Communication in Teaching
  • The Use of Technology in Education
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Education

Who can apply?

The new faculty who has started to work at METU

When to apply?

No application is required, it is a must module in AGEP