Last Updated:
03/01/2020 - 11:46

Our center contacted with the IDEA Center (Individual Development and Educational Assessment) in the USA for the Turkish translation of IDEA papers which focus on the improvement of teaching in higher education. After getting the permission, the translations were completed based on the translation protocol and requirements specified by The IDEA Center. You can find the original versions of the translated IDEA papers below.

IDEA Report 1: Motivating Students

IDEA Report 27: Writing a Syllabus

IDEA Report 34: Focusing on Active Meaningful Learning

IDEA Report 38: Enhancing Learning — and More! — Through Cooperative Learning

IDEA Report 39: Establishing Rapport: Personal Interaction and Learning

IDEA Report 40: Getting Students to Read: Fourteen Tips

IDEA Report 41: Student Goal Orientation Motivation and Learning

IDEA Report 42: Integrated Course Design

IDEA Report 46: Effective Lecturing

IDEA Report 47: Promoting Deep Learning

IDEA Report 49: Effective Classroom Discussions

IDEA Report 53: Active Learning Strategies in Face-to-Face Courses