In this seminar, essential information is provided for the new students who will start their college life. The information includes social, personal and academic adaptation in order to make adaptation process easy and support services. Also, student experiences are shared with new students. Seminar is given in the first week of the semester.
Content of the Seminar:
  • General information about college life
  • Social adaptation
  • Personal adaptation
  • Academic adaptation
  • Suggestions for increasing adaptation
  • Information about support services


In this seminar, the definition of academic success, factors influencing academic success, internal and external motivation are discussed and strategies to increase academic success and motivation are also mentioned. 
Content of the Seminar:
  • Factors influencing academic success
  • Internal and external motivation
  • Setting objectives
  • Determining strategies to increase academic success and motivation


The seminar includes effective studying skills which students will need throughout their academic life.
Content of the Seminar:
  • Learning Styles
  • Factors influencing effective studying skills at university
  • Defining goals and time management
  • Concentration and memory
  • Conceptual meaning and critical thinking
  • Exam preparation and performance
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Note-taking


In this seminar, extensive information about procrastination which can influence the academic success of students is provided.
Content of the Seminar:
  • What is procrastination?
  • What do we procrastinate?
  • Why do we procrastinate?
  • Why cannot we manage our time effectively?
  • How do we procrastinate?
  • How can we overcome procrastination?


In this seminar, the mistakes that have been made during preparation for English Proficiency Exam and strategies for effective language learning are given. 
Content of the Seminar:
  • The mistakes in studying vocabulary and actions to be taken
  • The mistakes in improving reading skills and actions to be taken
  • The mistakes in improving writing skills and actions to be taken
  • The mistakes in improving speaking skills and actions to be taken
  • The mistakes in improving listening skills and actions to be taken


This seminar includes the definition of effective speaking, features of effective speaking, tips for effective presentation of content visually in front of the audience, speaking anxiety in front of a group, how to decrease and cope with it. 
Content of the Seminar:
  • Definition and features of effective speaking,
  • What is the presentation? Planning a presentation
  • Effective presentation
  • Techniques for introduction, body, and termination of the presentation
  • Tips for effective presentation of the content visually
  • Speaking anxiety in front of a group
  • Anxiety from the perspective of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • How does anxiety influence speaking?
  • Ways of decreasing anxiety before a presentation


The seminar includes the nature of love, biological/psychological background, theoretical structure, theoretical explanations, how it develops and its steps, hormonal and biological effects, effects in our body and mind, definition of love in today’s post-modern world, cyber love and the effects of social media on love types, and contemporary research about love. 
Content of the Seminar:
  • What is love? Definitions of love
  • Love in theories of psychology
  • The relationship between love and brain/hormones
  • The release and improvement of romantic relationships
  • Love of today, post-modern love
  • Online love
  • Social media and love


The seminar includes definitions of the break-up, how it is explained by psychological theories, the possible universal reasons for break-up, psychological, physiological and social results, traumatic stages (shock and denial, acceptance, reconstruction), gender differences in the break-up and coping with a break-up in a healthy way. 
Content of the Seminar:
  • Definitions of break-up
  • Theories of break-up
  • Reasons for break-up
  • Traumatic stages (shock and denial, acceptance, reconstruction)
  • Psychological, physiological and social results
  • Gender differences in the break-up
  • Coping with break-up
  • Strategies for coping with a break-up in a healthy way


The seminar includes the definition of anxiety and test anxiety, the circle of anxiety and the difficulty in breaking it up, reasons for anxiety, ways of controlling anxiety, how to cope with anxiety before, during or after an exam. 
Content of the Seminar:
  • Definition of anxiety
  • Definition of test anxiety
  • The circle of anxiety
  • The ways of controlling anxiety
  • The reasons for anxiety
  • Understanding test anxiety from the point of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Ways of coping with anxiety before, during or after an exam


In this seminar, information about defining and expressing emotions, welcoming negative emotions and strategies to cope with negative emotions is provided and activities are done experience coping strategies.  
Content of the Seminar:
  • Definition of emotions
  • Being aware of emotions
  • Welcoming negative emotions
  • Expressing emotions
  • Identifying healthy coping strategies with negative emotions


The seminar includes the definition, components, and types of communication, obstacles for effective communication and suggestions to improve effective communication. 
Content of the Seminar:
  • Process of communication
  • Codes of communication
  • Types of communication
  • Effective communication
  • Suggestions for effective communication