What is it?

Individual counseling in the ÖGEM is a professional helping process which provides clients (who apply for help voluntarily) with self-knowledge about themselves in the academic fields and an understanding of their own feelings, thoughts and behaviors as well as working over the concerns that the clients want to change/improve for themselves.

Who can apply?

METU students

How to apply?

For an appointment, you can e-mail us.

ÖGEM Principles of Individual Counseling Process

Individual counseling is a process that helps clients (those who seek to get help) get to know themselves better and understand their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Individual counseling is an ongoing process of receiving professional help on the areas that clients desire to change or improve. During the process, clients are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviors and experiences.

• In order to benefit from the ÖGEM individual counseling services, it is vital for students to be willing to receive help and to participate effectively and regularly in the counseling process.

• Students who would like to benefit from individual counseling services should take an appointment by sending an e-mail to ogem@metu.edu.tr.

• In the preliminary meeting, which will be held after the appointment of the counselee, the counselor and the client together determine the expectation of the client from the individual counseling sessions and the objectives that the client wants to reach at the end of the process.

• All meetings are conducted within the framework of confidentiality. Information shared during counseling will remain between the counselor and the counselee. Ensuring confidentiality is primarily the responsibility of the ÖGEM.

• Individual counseling sessions take 50 minutes and are held once a week.

• If the client wishes to cancel the interview due to an emergency, he/she is obliged to notify the situation at least 24 hours in advance. Thus, service time can be allocated to another client.

• The meeting of the client who has been late for more than 15 minutes will be canceled. In case the counselee is more than 15 minutes late for his/her session without informing the counselor, the meeting of the week will be canceled. If the delay is less than 15 minutes, it will be extracted from the interview time (For instance, in a consultation session which is planned to begin at 14.00 and end at 14.50, the time will not be extended for a client arriving at 14.10. Typically, 50 minutes of the sessions will be shortened by 10 minutes and finish at the end of 40 minutes.).

• It is assumed that the client who does not come to two or more sessions and does not provide any information about his/her absence is no longer willing to receive consultations and therefore, the consultation process of the client will be terminated.

• The mobile phones are not permitted to be used during the meetings and should be turned off or kept in silence mode.