Speaker: Sinem Toraman, PhD, MA, MS, currently works as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in the United States. She co-leads the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Disparities Working Group and manages and enhances the group's research portfolio. She received her BS and MS degrees in Science Education from Turkey, where she worked as a primary and secondary science teacher for more than five years. When she was a doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction program at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, she was introduced to a mixed methods research book that led her to move to the United States to become a mixed methods research methodologist. She earned her MA and PhD degrees in research methodology from University of Cincinnati, specializing in mixed methods research that involves collecting, analyzing, and intentionally integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop more comprehensive understanding of a phenomenon. Dr. Toraman is a certified trainer for MAXQDA qualitative and mixed methods research data analysis software. She has contributed to 11 peer-reviewed articles, four book chapters, two translated books, and more than 90 technical and evaluation reports in the fields of education, psychology, social work, and health sciences. Dr. Toraman's interdisciplinary research portfolio currently involves 10 manuscripts and four book chapters that are under review and in preparation.

Title: Qualitative Analysis with MAXQDA: From Study Design to Application

Date and Time: May 20, 4:00 pm.

Content: The purpose of this talk is to provide an overview of designing legitimate qualitative research and to demonstrate using MAXQDA qualitative data analysis software tool for data management and analysis. Dr. Toraman will start with a brief introduction to qualitative research, including developing research questions and choosing appropriate study design along with data analysis strategies. Then, she will demonstrate how to organize and code qualitative data in MAXQDA.

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