Let's Learn Together" Academic Support Program


What is it?

“Let’s Learn Together” is a program in which volunteer, Department of Basic English (DBE) students who need academic support and the Department of Foreign Language Education (FLE) students who take the “Community Service” course study together and learn from each other. Within the scope of the program, DBE students find an opportunity to get academic support on knowledge and practice in English language, actively participate in learning, and receive immediate feedback on their studies. On the other side, FLE senior students have the chance of improving their skills in terms of designing appropriate material for different proficiency levels, planning activities, developing communication skills with students, giving immediate feedback, and developing their own teaching skills. 

Who can apply?

In fall semester, preparatory students who are in Beginner Level, and in spring semester, preparatory students who are in Elementary Level can apply to the program (Disabled students can apply to the program regardless of their English proficiency level)


The feedback given by students who have participated in the program is provided below:

Hello Hocam, thanks to learning noun clauses yesterday, I participated a lot in the course today and made a great display.

              - A preparatory student

In these peer tutoring courses, I can ask the questions about my notes and the points that I could not catch, that’s why, I can understand better. 

               - A preparatory student

My student improved a lot during our courses. While we were studying midterm questions, he can answer quite confidently and in a relax way.

               - A FLE Student

By the way, we are so satisfied reciprocatively, they thank me after each lesson mentioning that they are improving. This program is great both for me and for them.

               - A FLE Student