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How College Affects Students: Implications for Teaching

How to Integrate Community Service into Teaching                

Dr. Christine Cress

24 & 26 Eylül 2013

Keynote: Reconceptualizing Assessment

Workshop: Engaging Student in Assessment

Workshop: How Students Learn and How to Encourage Active Learning in Lectures 

Dr. Chris Rust

11 & 12 Ekim 2012

Creating a Syllabus to Educate and Motivate

Course Redesign and Revitalization

How Students Learn

Using Cooperative Activitie to Foster Deep Learning

Using Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) to Promote Student Learning

Dr. Barbara J. Millis

13 & 15 Mart 2012

Active Learning Strategies for Large & Small Classes: Keeping Students Engaged

Dealing with Difficult Students

Effetive Communication Strategies in the Classroom

Dr. Tasha J. Souza

18 & 21 Kasım 2011

Low-Effort, Low-Cost, High-Gain Technologies for Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Technology Horizons: Looking to the Future

Next Generation Presentation Tools

Workshop: Universal Design for Learning: A Framework for Sopporting Diverse Learners

Open Educational Resources: Greater Affordability, Access and Engagement

Prof.Dr.Brett Christie

19 & 21 Nisan 2011

Educating the Whole Person Heart Body and Mind

Promoting Learning through Inquiry

Teaching and Assessment in Large Classes

Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education Seminar Series-IV: Improvement and Evaluation of Instruction 

Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education Seminar Series-III: Implementing Instruction

Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education Seminar Series-II: Planning

Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education Seminar Series-I: Pre-planning

Dr. Virginia Lee

5 & 15 Ekim 2010

Professional Self-Care: The forgotten element for a long and happy teaching career

Prof. Dr. Dean W. Owen

10 Mayıs 2010

On The Roads of Life: Becoming A Competent Faculty And Person of Integrity

Prof. Dr. Samuel T. Gladding

2 Haziran 2010

Improving University Teaching through Faculty Professional Development

Prof. Dr. Terrence Craig 

24 Mart 2010